My Favorite Breakfast Spots In Da Nang

where to eat breakfast in da nang

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The best restaurants and cafes for breakfast in Da Nang

Western style breakfasts in Da Nang are easy to find, though not always very good. If you’re down for something heartier than a morning coffee or smoothie, here’s a list of tried and true Da Nang breakfast spots. 

Bro’s Kafe

Beach Side

This tiny cafe serves good coffee, smoothies and very hearty breakfast sandwiches. They open early and their reasonable prices make breakfast here the best value. Big plus: they use compostable takeout containers and bags. Well done! 

Eggs Benedict, smoothie, latte 147k₫ or $6.30

breakfast in da nang
Bro’s bacon and avo benedict

Six on Six

Beach Side

A short breakfast menu, done well. With one exception: I would not order the pancakes here again. However, their egg dishes are quite good, and they serve good coffee, fresh juices and smoothies. My favorite has to be the avo toast with feta.

breakfast in da nang
Avo toast, poached eggs and feta cheese

Hilly’s Cafe & Bakery

Beach Side

One of the disappointments of breakfast in Da Nang is the awful bread. Not so at Hilly’s. In fact, they bake and supply the top breakfast restaurants with fluffy breakfast muffins and sandwich and toast breads. The owner, an Australian who is almost always there when I come in, carefully sources his ingredients.

Hilly’s is down a quiet alley near Six on Six.

best breakfast cafes in Da Nang
Salmon benedict with sauteed Asian greens

Bikini Bottom

Beach Side

Generous portions, real maple syrup for pancakes and breakfast that tastes the way you expect it to. You’ll also want to try out their smoothie bowl menu and no-sugar-added fresh pressed juices. The name of the restaurant left me a little skeptical, but I’m glad I gave it a chance. Grand Slam + latte = 190k ₫ or $8.20.

Umm Bahn Mi

Beach Side

Open at 7am with coffee and egg & sausage bahn mi sandwiches. Egg & sausage = 49k ₫ or $2.10.

Mud Bistro

Beach Side | Vegetarian

They have very few options for breakfast, but they are all good. My go to is their Bravacado: Sauteed shiitake mushrooms, seasoned avocado, vegan feta , cherry tomato and microgreens, served atop sliced toasted baguette. I add an egg (optional). It’s one of my favorite breakfasts in town. 

MZ German Deli

Beach Side | German Sausages, Beer, Bakery

Michael (the “M” in MZ) makes his brats from scratch with his traditional Bavarian recipe. Paired with eggs, bright mustard and a salt crusted pretzel — you’ve got a hearty and delicious start to your day. 

german sausages breakfast da nang vietnam