how to rent an apartment in da nang

How to Rent an Apartment in Da Nang, Vietnam 2021

How to avoid the most common mistakes when renting in Da Nang. Everything you need to know: costs, what’s included, what internet speed is really… More

best way to get around in da nang

Using GRAB Taxi and GRAB Bike Motorcycle Rides in Da Nang Vietnam

Using the GRAB app is the best way to get around Da Nang, including from the airport. Here are tips you need to know to… More

Da Nang Restaurant Guide 2021 {Where to Eat Without Getting Sick}

Is Da Nang a Foodie Paradise? Straight talk about prices, food poisoning, navigating restaurant reviews and a breakdown of what to eat and what to… More

best cafes in da nang

Where to go for Coffee and Tea in Da Nang

Vietnam is know for its coffee. What you may not know is a lot of it is adulterated with chemical dyes, flavors, fillers. Here’s my… More

best breakfast restaurants in da nang

My Favorite Breakfast Spots In Da Nang

Western style breakfasts in Da Nang are easy to find, though not always very good. If you’re down for something heartier than a morning coffee… More

best cafes for digital nomads to work in da nang

Best Cafes to Work in Da Nang

Even if you have super fast internet in your apartment, sometimes you need another place to work. Whether it’s to switch up with a change… More

Should I travel to Vietnam during Tet lunar new year holiday

Pros and Cons of Visiting Vietnam on Tet (Chinese New Year, Lunar New Year)

Is Tet a good time to go to Vietnam? In a word, no. If you’re planning a trip to Vietnam, read on to find out… More

where to store your luggage in bangkok

Bangkok Luggage Storage: Where to Store Your Luggage After Checking Out of Your Hotel or Airbnb

Need to safely stash your luggage between checkout and your flight? In Bangkok there are a couple easy, affordable and secure places to store your… More

asiatique riverfront bangkok

Bangkok Visa Run Shopping Trip: Five Days in Silom Bang Rak

Should you visit Bangkok in December? Absolutely! You’ll enjoy some of the best weather, street fairs, and festive Christmas shopping. Here’s a breakdown of where… More

Where to Shop in Da Nang: Mega Market

Mega Market is Da Nang’s version of Costco. They offer a large selection of groceries and household goods at a decent price. Here’s how to… More

mosquito bites malaria dengue southeast asia

How to Avoid Mosquitos, Dengue, Malaria and Sepsis in Bangkok

Mosquito bites can lead to more than diseases such as Malaria and Dengue. They can become infected, fester and lead to blood poisoning and cellulitis.… More

Is Riding a Motorcycle Taxi in Thailand Safe? What it’s Like to Use GrabBike in Bangkok

  Using the GRAB app to get around Bangkok. How did I ever live without it? Motorbike taxis are the way to go for short… More

A Week in Bangkok Old Town: Where to Stay & Things to Do

  Are you a woman traveling alone in Thailand? Or maybe you’re a digital nomad visiting Bangkok, and working online while you travel. Here’s some… More

what to eat in LA west side

I Stayed in Marina del Rey for the Summer and This is What I Ate!

  Let’s Eat: Los Angeles West Side Beach Dining From sushi to birthday dinner to cheeseburgers This isn’t a fine dining guide or even a… More

slanted door restaurant ferry building san francisco

San Francisco Ferry Building Restaurants: Slanted Door

Upscale Vietnamese food with an incredible view of San Francisco Bay: Slanted Door at the San Francisco Ferry Building With a wall of windows looking… More

scooter tips ubud

Avoiding Traffic in Ubud

Riding a scooter or motorbike in Bali is the way to go, but getting stuck in dangerous traffic jams that leave you choking in fumes… More

how to haggle in bali

Haggling: Negotiating a Price in Bali

For many tourists, the process of negotiating a price is something to dread.  If you fear haggling, use some of these tips to negotiate like… More

Alchemy Raw Vegan Restaurant Ubud Bali

The best way to find the most fabulous raw vegan restaurant in Bali is: by accident. I need to extend my Indonesian visa, and rather… More

Where To Get a Massage in Bali: Go to This Spa in the Rice Fields of Ubud

  Just how much pampering can a person take? Not wanting to be overconfident in my ability to withstand an entire day of spa treatments,… More

gluten free bali

Dayu’s Warung Ubud: Where to Eat Gluten Free in Bali

For those who prefer or require their food to be gluten free, Dayu’s Warung is the place to go. The restaurant is small and unassuming,… More

Hammam is a Must in Paris

The holidays are over and I’m spending the freezing, short days shopping sales in Paris.  Without the cheer of holidays, the cold has gained a… More

where to eat in new town edinburgh

Iris: Where to Eat in Edinburgh

  One of my go-to bistros in New Town Iris is a jewelbox bistro tucked into a picturesque Edinburgh alley called Thistle Street, just across from… More

Best Asian restaurant in Bordeaux

Craving Asian Food In Bordeaux

Fabulous takes her chances on a bowl of Vietnamese Pho in Bordeaux. More

where to get high tea in edinburgh

Way To Pass A Rainy Scottish Day

It’s well into June now and Scotland continues to be inundated with rain. Another cold, relentlessly drizzling Saturday. What to do? More

Renting a Scooter and Driving in Ubud Bali

  Riding a scooter in Ubud is a harrowing experience First of all, it’s like riding with no shoes on. I’m in flip flops like… More

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