Where To Get a Massage in Bali: Go to This Spa in the Rice Fields of Ubud


Just how much pampering can a person take?

Not wanting to be overconfident in my ability to withstand an entire day of spa treatments, I elected the Saraswati package, a mere 4.5 hours or so of herbal scrubs, stretching, deep pressure points, reiki healing, herbal baths, a facial, and finally…a pedicure.

It’s a beautiful spa, though not posh. The body work is done very well, the practitioners are skilled and sincere. Take a thirty minute trek up the Champuan Ridge trail and you will enjoy stunning views all along the way. You’ll end in a terraced rice field at the Karsa Kafe, and Karsa Spa is just behind it.

If you are getting a mandi, I suggest you skip the spicy boreh and go for the vegan lulur. The boreh bath is very spicy, filled with giant roots and twigs and leaves…and it’s red. After a few minutes in the water I felt like I was reenacting the scene in Caligula where the old man goes into the baths and slits his wrists. Blood red baths are not my thing, neither is seeping in a kilo of roots.

The vegan lulur is lovely and ends in a flower bath. More fabulous.